02 January 2020

How Will The 2020 Census Shift The Balance Of Power?

Based upon census population estimates as of July 1, 2019, Congressional seats will shift as follows following the 2020 census:

Texas +2
Arizona +1
Colorado +1
Florida +1
Montana +1
North Carolina +1
Oregon +1
California -1
Illinois -1
Michigan -1
Minnesota -1
New York -1
Pennsylvania -1
Rhode Island -1
West Virginia -1

Mostly, this is a shift to the political right.


Tom Bridgeland said...

Any ideas on why this pattern? I'm from Illinois and clearly people are unhappy with the taxes, but this is not a clearly right-left issue here, more of a Chicago vs the rest of the state. IMO it is incidental that Chicago is Dem-run.

andrew said...

A lot of this is less densely populated places filling out as air conditioning and telecommunications has made it more viable to live and work there. There are also lingering impacts of the Rust Belt as U.S. manufacturing continues to decline. In W Va., the decline of the coal industry is a factor.

But, the truth is always complex and there are many narratives that are simultaneously true.