31 January 2020

US Postal Service Employment Update

2018 Total 634,447 Career 497,157.

2007 Total 786,000 Career 685,000.

1999 Total 906,000 Career 798,000.

19 year drop: Total -271,553 (-30.0%) Career -300,843 (-37.7%).

19 year increase in U.S. population: +17.15%.

19 year drop per capita: Total -40.3% Career -46.8%.

There is no good reason to think that U.S. Postal Service employment cuts will not continue.

Note that not only is this a significant decline, it is a significant decline is well paying jobs with benefits disproportionately filled by men who are military veterans and do not have college degrees, a demographic that has been particular hurt by economic trends since the mid-1970s.

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