24 October 2005

400 Posts.

OK, after 400 posts quite a bit less than four months, it is time to pace myself. I've averaged more than three posts a day over the duration of this blog, but lately, it has been far more than that, with more than ten posts a day most days, and sometimes more than twenty. It is time to revert to the mean. It is hard to know which topics will end up being good ones in advance, and I will still have no hard and fast rules for myself on the number of posts per day that I will make or anything like that. But, while some days have more news than others, I expect a marked shift in pace, with a focus on fewer, more thoughtful posts.

Blogging can be addictive. But, ultimately, no matter how much you write, you can't cover everything. The goal is to focus on uncommon points that aren't made in easy to find places elsewhere.


Off Colfax said...

I wish I had that kind of problem with too many posts per day. Unfortunately, I get so darned wordy in my posts that it takes me, on average, 2 hours to type out everything, spell-check, and doublecheck my links. Not to mention the before-I-even-think-about-typing research, which can eat up an entire day at times. In fact, I'm shutting down yet again in the middle of research for yet another post that I started sketching out on Friday.

Well, having a job without instant computer access (or any, for that matter) also seriously hurts the posting schedule, particularly when 10 hours per day are spent either working or commuting.

So it could be worse.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

One part of my life I won't miss very much at all (although it does give you time alone to think), as I move to a new position, is my commute through T-Rex every day.

And, isn't high speed internet access the new human right? ;) Ahh, that sucks.

Off Colfax said...

Two words for you: Retail sucks.

Anonymous said...

indeed kyle. i've only been reading for a couple of weeks but i have already become overwhelmed and don't visit as often as i would if i new i was getting one really good post a day. not that most of your aren't good but i don't have the time/inclanation/desire to read everything you write. just my two cents.

good blog by the way.