27 October 2005

Jose Padilla Update.

How Appealling has links related to Jose Padilla's latest legal move, a petition to the United States Supreme Court.

He is a U.S. citizen. He was arrested unarmed in the United States by civilian authorities in the Chicago O'Hare airport. He was in civilian custody before a civilian court represented by an attorney when he was seized by military authorities and place in a military brig. The administration admits that the writ of habeas corpus has not been suspended. You don't need to no anything more to know that his detention in military custody for more than three years, solely on the President's say so, without any trial or judicial review finding that he has done anything wrong, is a threat to everyone in this country. If Padilla did something wrong, charge him with a crime (if the time he has already served is not longer than that), if the government can't prove those charges in court, it needs to let him go.

If the Supreme Court fails to take this case it will be a dark day for the United States.

More at SCOTUS Blog.

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