24 October 2005

Arrogant Pharmacists Hurt Rape Victims.

Emergency contraception, which is a glorified birth control pill, effectively stops rape victims from getting pregnant. But, only if a perscription is obtained and the drug is taken within 72 hours. Moreover, the longer you wait, the less effective the drug. Yet, an Arizona pharmacist denied a rape victim an opportunity to fill the prescription she obtained (which she could not find anywhere else), due to his personal beliefs, putting the woman at risk of being impregnated by her rapist.

The notion that the pharmacists can impose his views on a customer and force her to be impregnanted by a rapist is abominable. He should be fired and his license should be yanked immediately. There is no place for that kind of abusive conduct by a medical professional in our society.

Via Talk Left.


Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Yes it was, although the drug store chain in question in this case was Fey's rather than Target.

Anonymous said...

That women definitely needed to get herself some Plan-B, and she has a right to get the care she needs. The pharmacist also has rights and can exercise conscientious refusal as they do not surrender their personal moral principles as a condition of licensing or employment. Hopefully the pharmacist referred her to a neighboring pharmacy where she could quickly get what she needed so that both of their rights were protected and the patient got the care she needed.