21 October 2005

Prince William Signs Up

Continuing on a frivilous Friday trend, I will note that Prince William (above during military qualification exams), who previously distinguished himself by choosing a girlfriend who isn't half bad, has now signed up to join the Army, although we doubt that he will be leading patrols around Basra any time soon. His younger brother Harry enlisted earlier. Indeed, the tradition of military service for British Royals is well established. Prince Charles served, and so did Queen Elizabeth (her picture below is via Wikipedia).

Now, unlike Britain, political leadership is not hereditary, so I don't expect Jenna and Barbara Bush (George W. Bush's military age twin daughers, shown below) to serve in our military, although I'm sure that they would be welcome there, and I'm sure that working for their father, as they would if they enlisted, would come naturally to children immersed in the crony culture.

Military service is not a requirement for either leadership or political authority in the sphere of military affairs. But, it can be an honorable calling, particularly when your real motive is not, as it was for George W. Bush, avoiding more risky military service.

Hat tips to Big Time Patriot and Harvey Milk.

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Unknown said...

If I were a 23-yr-old daughter of wealthy British commoners, I would hit that phat Prince.

And was the Prince of Wales' girlfriend, a daughter of wealthy commoners, riding a bus? Good on her.