28 December 2005

800 Posts

This is the 800th post on this blog.

Yesterday was an interesting one at this blog. A link from Crooks and Liars to my recent post on Fox News has sent more people to this blog in one day than I have ever previously had visit in an entire month. Thanks to Em Rosa whose post formed the meat of that post, I understand that she's received a lot of traffic as a result as well.

What kind of blog is this? It is a law blog. It is a Colorado politics blog. It is a progressive political blog. It is a military blog. It is a science and technology blog. It is a neighborhood blog. Overall it is eclectic and doesn't neatly fit into one category. But, hey, its fun and that's what makes it worth it.

UPDATE: Sometime in the next hour or so, I should receive the 10,000th unique visitor to this site going back all the way since I've been keeping track. The current count is 9,999.


FiveAcres said...

I found your blog via Colorado Luis a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it very much. Progressives are pretty thin on the ground here in El Paso County, so it is nice to know some exist elsewhere in Colorado.

Lynn Green said...

Nice to read a fellow progressive.