11 December 2005

Yes, They Don't Believe Psychology Either.

There are Christians who are frightening. Most frightening are those who reject science and experience in favor of Biblical pronouncements that make no sense. This isn't always simply a matter of disbelieving evolution. Sometimes, it involves a belief that the entire discipline of psychology is some grand anti-Christian conspiracy as well.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right in saying that some christians are frightening because some are, but I think in all fairness it would be more correct to say that any person that refuses to apply any logic whatsoever is a frightening person. Christians aren't the only ones who willingly blind themselves to facts. I do not believe in evolution and I do beleive firmly in Creation, yet at the same time I am majoring in Psychology. My point is that when one becomes a christian one shouldn't claim any more intellect than when they did not believe. The only new creit that can be given them is the choice they made itself. An evolutionist might have a conspiracy theory about green monkeys from mars but does that and should that in itself speak against evolution? Is it so hard to believe that one could have the fundamentals right but could have tweaked personal views, or vice versa?