21 December 2005

Defiant Infantile Republicans

Responsible adults respect the rule of law. Defiant infantile Republicans don't. So, what happens when a judge rules that teaching intelligent design as science is unconstitutional? A Republican legislator immediately starts talking about introducing legislation requiring Colorado schools to teach intelligent design as science. This time the infantile Republican is State Senator Greg Brophy of Wray, Colorado. I'm glad he's not my legislator, but maybe he is yours.

Hat tip to Coyote Gulch.


Anonymous said...


Hasn't this been debated in CO before? I thought that was when CO Citizens for Science first started.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Given Democratic party control of the state legisluature, I doubt that this bill, if introduced, will even make it out of a subcommittee, let alone committee, let alone a floor vote in both houses of the state legislature.

The act is a futile and symbolic play for right wing constitutents who don't care about the Bill of Rights.

Off Colfax said...

You know, if someone out there were to tell me which vehicle was his, then, once the state legislature starts up in mid-January, I have a spare Darwin Fish bumper sticker I can surreptitiously place on said vehicle.

Nope. Don't want to break the law (vandalism) in order to get someone back for wanting to break the Constitution.