15 December 2005

House Torture Caucus.

Two Republicans have joined Wayne Allard in Colorado's share of the Congressional pro-torture caucus. They are Marilyn Musgrave and Joel Hefley. The remainder of the Colorado delegation in the House (including gubinatorial candidate Bob Beauprez and anti-immigration maverick Tom Tancredo, as well as all three House Democrats from Colorado) endorsed a direction to the budget bill conferees to keep the John McCain's torture ban, which President Bush has threatened to veto, in the bill. Both houses of Congress have now endorsed a torture ban by a veto proof majority.

Joel Hefley, who is likely to retire from Congress at the end of the 109th Congress, may want to stay in the good graces of the administration in hope of obtaining an adminstration post or lobbying position. Musgrave, who claims to have a Christian based of support, has no such excuse.

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