18 December 2005

Book Watch List.

I want to thank Ken Salazar for opposing the PATRIOT Act in the Senate (where a filibuster succeeded in stopping the bill in its current form). Why is the PATRIOT Act a problem? For one thing, the Department of Homeland Security has used it to set up book watch lists in the interlibrary loan system. What are they looking for? Stuff like's Mao's Little Red Book. Hey spooks! Guess what? I have a copy on my shelves and I actually own it, I'm not just borrowing it for a few days.

We simply cannot trust the federal government with the power to monitor suspicionlessly what we read.

If you don't want to face federal government investigations and want to read this before the PATRIOT Act provision allowing this expired at the end of the year, you can read the book in English translation online here.

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Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

The story was made up by the student who made the claim.