13 December 2005

Science Saves

Human life expectancies have increased dramatically as a result of scientific advances. Jesus has been rather less effective in that regard. He allegedly only saves you after you are dead.


JDHURF said...

So true; science has provided humanity with such ‘natural miracles’ as modern medicine and all of its discoveries such as antibiotics, the development of vaccines, modern techniques of surgery, anesthesia, pharmacology, and biogenetic engineering. I could go on and on about the great discoveries, inventions, and innovations that are the direct product of science but that would encapsulate far too much space. Science has improved and impacted virtually every aspect of our lives and not even the pious Amish are able to avoid modern science and technology. The religious zealots that decry evolutionary science and modern psychology surely wouldn’t dare decry the innovations produced from such sciences. Through evolutionary biology we have developed advanced sciences such as genetics, phylogeny, and increased our knowledge within virtually all other sciences such as molecular biology and theoretical psychology. Evolution has extensive support for it through most of the various sciences; there are volumes upon volumes of scientific research and testing that support evolution through sciences such as biology, paleontology, archeology, geophysics, geology, theoretical psychology, genetics, planetary science, and phylogeny to simply name a few. To decry either evolutionary science or psychology is to illustrate ones inherent ignorance and inability to reconcile ones ‘faith’ with that of science (how dejected).
Now in light of all that science has provided humanity what has religion given us? The answer to this will undoubtedly vary from person to person but the best they can assert is that religion provides comfort and the hope that life will be better in a suspected afterlife. The real answer is that the best religion has given us is a blind and misguided sense of the world, the worst it has given us is continual bloody “holy wars” as in crusades, pogroms, and jihads; it has fostered hate, bias, ignorance, slavery, murder, genocide, tyranny, poverty, and evil (to use religious language). Religion has effectively improved absolutely nothing where as science has and will continue to do so despite religious opposition.

Anonymous said...

Application of medical science has saved lives but what is a few more years on earth compared to eternity with the creater of life itself? The miracles that occur on earth that are unseen, like the healing of a wounded heart can be and are far more incredible than the physical mending of a broken bone. By the way, Jesus, while on earth healed with a spoken word or a gentle touch repeatedly. He even raised people from the dead. And salvation doesn't take effect after death only, a person who is truly saved walks (sometimes unknowingly) with the power and grace of God himself. Becoming a christian isn't "fire insurance" it's a relationship with the Savior of mankind.