13 February 2006

Bad Texas Judges

A Texas paper took on the task of finding the worst judges in Texas. The list, for future reference, as they are all, no doubt, likely future Bush administration judicial appointees (that is, those who aren't already), is as follows:

* Jan Krocker, Houston, 184th District Judge
* Sally Montgomery, Dallas, County Court at Law No. 3
* Scott Brister, Texas Supreme Court
* Edith Jones, U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
* Fidencio Guerra, Jr., Edinburg, Visiting State District Judge
* Ed Self, Tulia, District Judge
* Oscar Tullos, Brownsville, Justice of the Peace
* Tim Wright, Williamson County, County Court at Law
* Suzanne Brooks, Williamson County, County Court at Law
* Betty Brock Bell, Houston, Justice of the Peace

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