27 February 2006

Owens Goes Brain Dead On Iraq

Governor Owens of Colorado is a reliable piece of the Bush Administration echo chamber. His most recently idiocy has been to join the "civil war in Iraq is a good thing" meme which has also been promoted by Fox News.

Yes, there are hard core brain dead Republicans out there who will buy that line. But, one has to think that the RINOs that fill places like Jefferson County, and the moderates who hold to reins of power in the 7th Congressional District in Colorado are going to hear pronouncements like this and wonder if our Governor is one of the beneficiaries of a recent unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing the importation of hallucination inducing tea notwithstanding U.S. drug laws.

Call me an old fashioned thinking conservative when it comes to such matters, but normal people see peace and opposition forces reduced to using rocks instead of extremely powerful explosives, as a sign of success and outright massive slaughter accompanied by the destruction of mosques as a bad thing.

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