15 February 2006

Who Served?

Lots of Republican politicians talk the talk about defense. Lots of Democrats have walked the walk. This is true in Colorado as well.

The lone military veteran in Colorado's congressional delegation was chosen today for a seat on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee.

John Salazar, who served in the Army from 1973 to 1976, wants to tackle the issue of funding veterans' health care.

"Being a veteran myself and being the father of a veteran, I understand the issues that most veterans are impacted with," said Salazar, D-Manassa. "My father was a World War II veteran and I believe that this would be a proud day for him."

Not only did John Salazar serve. So did his son. There are few members of Congress who are similarly situated.

Incidentally, from a pure political view, I have a much easier time living with moderate Democrat John Salazar in the House, given that the 3rd CD from which he is elected leans markedly Republican and that in the House, in the absence of a filibuster, the single most important vote of the entire session by far is the vote for the Speaker of the House, his votes that occassionally break with the Democratic party ranks is far less of a concern than in the case of his brother Ken Salazar in the Senate, who has the power to make a difference and has a less decisively conservative constituency.

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Keeba Smith said...

Perhaps I missed the mark, however it is my belief that no one should be able to behest war or an invasion of a Country unless he himself/herself knows what it entails. If one knows the threat and smell of death while huddled and confined - sedentary in a hole hiding from his enemy, experiencing the fear of life, who is frightened to death - then and ONLY then should one be able to proclaim war.

It is my belief that no one really knows the “defense” unless they have been tackled or in and/or on the firing line. My dad, may God rest his soul, was a WW II veteran and he was adamant that our officials fight the fight and if not, then there’s not much to fight for. I suppose it’s the old cliché, “I know how you feel.” “I’ve been there.” Or better yet, “Let’s send OUR soldiers out to fight.”

Why should those non-serving government men/women give a rats behind? They or their non-military serving family members will never know what it is like to arrive home with missing limbs, along with other debilitating problems. Worse, not arrive at all. Talk the talk? It is absurd as they will receive their pensions for life.