15 February 2006

Looking Back: Cheney And Hunting

On November 12, 2005 at this site, I said this in a post about changing attitudes about hunting:

Vice President Cheney, who was on his fifth annual peasant hunting trip in South Dakota this week, has made very clear where he stands in this debate.

(Emphasis added).

I had a comment to that post:

Sotosoroto said...
"Peasant hunting"? Mr. Freud strikes again. . . .

I replied:

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...
The Freudian truth rings so clear, I don't think that I'll correct this particular mistake.

Well, the 78 year old man Cheney sent to the intensive care unit with his shotgun last weekend was no peasant, he was a multimillionaire. But, I still say that last November's slip was notable.

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