21 February 2006

Who Needs A College Education?

David Edmondson, 46, is a guy with a high school education who took a few corrospondence courses in theology, who joined Radio Shack twelve years ago. He's also the former CEO of Radio Shack (as of yesterday).

Yes, he got there, in part, by lying about his education. Yes, he has three DWI arrests (but beat convictions twice before). Yes, Radio Shack profits have plummetted under his brief tenure. But, hey, I say Mr. Edmondson still deserves kudos for his accomplishments. Not many people with this level of education end up being CEOs of large publicly held companies.

Yes, he was promoted to his level of incompetence, but presumably he must not have been horrible in his previous post if he was promoted to be CEO. He may have been an incompetent CEO with a drinking problem who lied about his resume, but there is no particularly good reason to think that he was otherwise dishonest in his business dealings. There are less honorable ways to have lived your life. And, I'll bet he isn't broke either.

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