21 April 2006

Colorado Judicial Nominees

The Governor has until May 4, 2006 to choose three nominees from the following list of nine people to serve on the three newly created Court of Appeals judgeships the legislature recently created. In the unlikely event that he fails to make a choice, the judiciary itself will make the decision. The nominees are:

* Honorable Angela Arkin, 4000 Justice Way, Division 4, Castle Rock, Colo. 80109
* Steven Bernard, 915 10th St., Greeley, Colo. 80631
* Laurie Booras, 1525 Sherman St., 5th Floor, Denver, Colo. 80203
* Stephanie Dunn, 1899 Wynkoop St., Suite 700, Denver, Colo. 80202
* Jerry Jones, 1225 17th St., 7th Floor, Denver, Colo. 80202
* Honorable Christopher Munch, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, Colo. 80401
* Blain Myhre, 633 17th St., Suite 2200, Denver, Colo. 80202
* Anthony Navarro, 555 17th St., Suite 3200, Denver, Colo. 80202
* Diana Terry, 950 17th St., Suite 2100, Denver, Colo. 80202

I am only familiar with one of those individuals myself, Jefferson County District Court Judge Munch, so I can't say who the best three candidates would be, and I also have little insight into the individuals who are likely to be appointed given Governor Owen's preferences. Comments would be welcome.

Hat Tip to Colorado Appeals Blog.

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