30 April 2006

Health Through Moderation

Children conceived 18 months to five years after the sibling's birth are healthiest in terms of birthweight, probability of being premature, etc.

Interpregnancy intervals shorter than 18 months and longer than 59 months are significantly associated with increased risk of adverse perinatal outcomes. These data suggest that spacing pregnancies appropriately could help prevent such adverse perinatal outcomes.

The famed Mediterranean diet prevent Alzheimer's disease. This basicly means lots of fruits, veggies, fish and olive oil, but little milk or red meat, combined with moderate alcohol consumption.

Clean air helps too.
Pollutants spewing from vehicles and power plants may be harmful to fetal brains, new evidence suggests. . . . youngsters of highly exposed mothers "were more than twice as likely to be developmentally delayed."

I guess Governor Owen's, who just vetoed a bill to mandate cleaner air in Colorado, missed that study, or maybe he just doesn't care. Maybe, it is part of a plan to reduce higher education expenses in the state budget. More developmentally delayed kids means fewer college costs for the state twenty years from now.

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