29 April 2006

Holtzman Campaign Makes Up Poll Numbers

It is a time honored Republican tradition to, when faced with inconvenient facts, simply make shit up. Marc Holtzman, GOP candidate for Governor, is about to see if this works on the campaign trail.

Holtzman's campaign manager, Dick Leggitt, admitted Friday that he lied to a Denver Post reporter in an e-mail by fabricating poll numbers that purportedly showed Holtzman's name recognition going from "10 percent to 70 percent and his favorables among GOP primary voters are now just slightly less than (U.S. Rep. Bob) Beauprez's (39 to 42)."

Leggitt also admitted he made up polling results indicating that support for ballot measures Referendums C and D was lagging.

"We didn't have any polling results," Leggitt said during the administrative court hearing.

Holtzman himself also contracted his own prior sworn deposition testimony at the hearing, which was delving into improper coordination between his campaign for governor and a Referrendum C and D campaign.

Holtzman was already the runner up in the GOP race for Governor. These relevations can't help. Put a fork in him. He's done. We can comfortably expect Congressman Bob Beauprez to be the Republican candidate who will face off against Bill Ritter in the fall now. There may not even be a GOP gubinatorial primary at this rate.

Hat Tip to Progress Now Action who found the Denver Post story via Colorado Pols.

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