07 April 2006

More Immigration Injustice

The Bush Administration refuses to honor the decisions of even its own immigration judges, who have a long track record of favoring the government over immigrants. In this case, Sri Lankan man Nadarajah, whom immigration judges have held qualifies for refugee status and granted a bond pending appeal, was not followed as he sat in jail for four and a half years, mostly based on anonymous police reports from Canada, not backed by any live testimony. Noting a 2001 U.S. Supreme Court case on point, a swift unanimous ruling the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals called:

Nadarajah's jailing illegal and unreasonable and said the government's arguments were "patently absurd," "implausible" and "baffling."

It isn't a surprise. Can't someone, someday, teach the Bush Administration that the rule of law means something?

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