30 April 2006

Daphne's Deli

Daphne's Deli, at 4th and Corona, across the street from the ACLU Building, isn't terribly new, but when I finally got a chance to check out this establishment on the boundary between the Alamo Placita neighborhood and the Country Club neighborhood in Denver I was pleasantly surprised.

I had suspected that it would be a folksie old fashioned deli. Instead, it is one of the more urban and sophisticated gathering places in the area. This Sunday morning this spacious venue had R&B music with an edge playing (without being obnoxious), the New Yorker and the full Sunday paper spread out on a table, and an urban oriented 20s and 30s something clientele (speaking multiple languages), juxtaposed with art from neighborhood elementary school students. There is ample parking out back, which can be accessed from a driveway on Corona Street. The patio is pleasant, although a bit close to the road, and the staff is affable. The expresso offerings are acceptable, although not exceptional, but, it has a nice collection of sandwich offerings (cold and toasted), and an abundance of fresh fruit on hand.

All in all, it is a good place to add to your list of regular haunts.

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