13 April 2006

Urban Combat Skateboard.

Seriously, folks, this could be some of that misinformation stuff that DOD keeps getting slapped by Congress for wanting to distribute, but some of my usually reliable sources on military technology advise me that the folks at DARPA have developed the urban combat skateboard.

While the commentary in the link muddles the issue, presumably the idea is for a soldier to roll the skateboard down a hallway in a building where armed opponents await them, in order to to set off booby traps and confuse snipers, without a soldier on it, prior to said soldier actually walking down the hallway.

Others have suggested that it is a way to speed up the tedious business of crawling on your belly to avoid gunfire with lots of gear.

The "urban combat" part seems to primarily involve black paint on an otherwise ordinary skateboard.

Of course, if it works, good for them. I just hope that they aren't paying $1,000 each because they are painted black.

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