30 November 2006

Baker Commission: Draw Down Troops

The Baker Commission, a blue ribbon group put together to find a plan to deal with Iraq, is recommending a gradual reduction in U.S. troop levels in Iraq by around 60,000+ troops, possibly to nearby bases rather than home. There would be no fixed time table, but it would happen with some urgency. Many of the troops that remain would have assisting in the process of building an Iraqi Army as their primary mission. There would also be a rapid reaction force.

This contradicts earlier pre-release rumors that the Commission would recommend deploying more troops to stablize the situations before setting in motion of slow U.S. exit.

The commission also urges bringing Syria and Iran into the discussion diplomatically, and recommends that broader Middle Eastern issues be placed on the table.

The commission report is advisory only, but it is seen as a last best chance for Bush to change course while saving face.

Meanwhile, U.S. military leaders are already making what appears to be course correction by consolidating a larger share of U.S. troops in the Baghdad area.

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Anonymous said...

The Commission is nothing but a smoke screen. Look who is on the Commission. There no advocate for peace or withdrawal. Bush has already said he would not change the course. One more case a political masturbation.