07 November 2006

Early Results In Colorado

Democrat Bill Ritter will be Colorado's next Governor. Democrat Ed Perlmutter is well on his way to winning CO-7, flipping that seat from Republican control. Republican Doug Lamborn looks likely to maintain Republican control of CO-5. Republican John Suthers is well on his way to being elected to a new term as Colorado's Attorney General, although without Denver results in this is hard to say with certainty.

The squeaker in this race is C0-4, in which Angie Paccione and Marilyn Musgrave are in a race too close to call at this point. So too, are the races for Secretary of State and State Treasurer, with Democrat Cary Kennedy in the State Treasurer's race doing slightly better than Democrat Ken Gordon in the Secretary of State's race.

Most of the initiatives: 38 (petitions), 39 (65% on instruction), 40 (judicial term limits), and 44 (marijuana) are heading to defeat. But, 41 (ethicis in government) is passing. Amendent 42 (minimum wage) seems on track to pass by a more narrow margin. So is Denver 1B (CFO position). Referendum J (65% on instruction) is on track to fail. Referendums E (Veteran's Property Tax Breaks), F (Recall Deadlines), G (Obsolete Provisions of Constitution repealed) and K (Sue Feds Over Immigration) are on track to pass. All of the Court of Appeals judges will be retained.

Amendment 43 (marriage) and Referendum I (domestic partnership) are all too hard to call at this point because the more liberal positions are trailing by a margin that Denver results could change. Referendum H (tax deductions for illegal immigrant compensation) is close.

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Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Correct: Referendum F failed.