17 November 2006

Request For Proposal: Blog Migration

Some of the people who read this blog are really smart and understand computers better than I do. I've done a bit of looking around, and have come to the conclusion that wordpress is a much better free blogging platform than blogger.

I am currently accepted bids for what you would charge me to migrate this blog (and its companion blog, Wash Park Poet), with all its existing posts and bookmarks, to wordpress, and to turn this domain into a redirect site (or if that is not possible, a bare bones site with a check out my new address line).

If this is simply not possible, I would appreciate learning that as well.

This would be a one time job. I could maintain the new site just fine, and I do not need any custom template work, other than migrating the photo of the Washington Park formal gardens into the new template.

My budget is not unlimited, but I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount, although a little love for a fellow blogger paying for this out of his own pocket and doing this as a public service, when coming to the "reasonable" part, would be appreciated. If it is simply too expensive an undertaking, I won't do it.


Anonymous said...

Check out Andy Skelton’s Modified Blogger Importing Tool tutorial. This looks like it would do everything you want except for the redirect. This link also includes a minor modification to the script to preserve your existing permalinks.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick update: After some more research, it appears that WordPress has updated their blog import tool. On your new WordPress site, you should just have to go to Manage -> Import in the menu to do the migration.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Thanks. I owe you a beer, at the very least.

Kyle said...

I did this long ago, back when it was more difficult than it is now. It was still easy then. I think - but am not sure - that you'll find it trivially easy now.

Please don't hesitate to contact me through pitofbabel.org if you have any problems. I'd be happy to help and, after finals, I'd be happy to do it for you if still in need.