09 November 2006

Robert Gates and Osama Bin Laden

A Daily Kos diary from a regular and respected member of that internet community, LondonYank, makes a credible case that the new nominee to be U.S. Secretary of Defense, played a large and personal role in promoting Osama Bin Laden and his organization.

Sometimes history betrays you. I don't care how reasonable it seemed at the time. If true, these allegations should sink this nomination.

Being Secretary of Defense is a privilege, not a right, and a man who has helped Osama Bin Laden come to power is not the right man for this time and place. His inside knowledge of the man and his organizations may even provide him with a valuable resource to conduct a war on terrorism now. But, his judgment has proven, in hindsight, inexcusably bad on a matter of importance, again, if this allegation is true.

Somebody should, at least, ask the questions that this allegation raises.

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