06 November 2006

Dude, Pay Attention: Vote Centers! Voting Suggestions.

You live in Denver. You are registered to vote. You haven't voted yet.

There are two words that are more important than anything else to you tomorrow:


Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7, 2006 is election day. The polls open at 7 a.m. The polls close at 7 p.m.

You can go to any of the 55 vote centers in the city and vote. It doesn't matter where you live. The precinct voting place you used to go to is probably gone. Click on the link. There is a map.

You hate links? Here's the entire list:

Athmar Recreation Center 2680 W Mexico Ave
Augustana Lutheran 5000 E Alameda Ave
Barnum Recreation Center 360 Hooker St
Bear Valley Library 5171 W Dartmouth Ave
Botanic Gardens 1005 York St
Calvary Baptist 6500 E Girard Ave
Calvary Presbyterian Church 1420 S Holly St
Central Christian Church 3690 E Cherry Creek South Dr
Cherry Creek Community Church 3739 E 4th Ave
College View Recreation Center 2525 S Decatur St
Colorado Convention Center 700 14th St
Cook Park Recreation Center 7100 Cherry Creek South Dr
Corona Presbyterian Church 1205 E 8th Ave
District 2 Police Station 3921 Holly St
District 3 Police Station 1625 S University Blvd
Eisenhower Recreation Center 4300 E Dartmouth Ave
Glenarm Recreation Center 2800 Glenarm Pl
Grant Ranch School 5400 S Jay Cir
Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center 4890 Argonne Way
Hampden Library 9755 E Girard Ave
Harvard Gulch Recreation Center 550 E Iliff Ave
Harvey Park Recreation Center 2120 S Tennyson Way
Heritage Club 2020 S Monroe St
Highland Senior Center 2880 Osceola St
Johnson Rec. Center 4809 Race St
La Alma Recreation Center 1325 W 11th Ave
La Familia Recreation Center 65 S Elati St
Maltese Cross Manor 1590 Yates St
Manual High School 1700 E 28th Ave
Mile High United Way 2505 18th St
Montbello Branch Library 12955 Albrook Dr
Montbello Recreation Center 15555 E 53rd Ave
Montclair Recreation Center 729 Ulster Way
New Covenant Christian Church 825 Ivanhoe St
New Hope Baptist Church 3701 Colorado Blvd
Park Hill Methodist Church 5209 Montview Blvd
Porter Place 1001 E Yale Ave
Quigg Newton Senior Center 4430 Navajo St
Risen Christ Catholic Church 3060 S Monaco Street Pkwy
Rude Park Rec 2855 W Holden Place
Scheitler Recreation Center 5031 W 46th Ave
Schenck School 1300 S Lowell Blvd
Southwest Recreation Center 9200 W Saratoga Pl
St Philip & St James Episcopal 2797 S Lowell Blvd
St. Charles Rec. Center 3777 Lafayette St
Sunrise Assisted Living 5195 W Quincy Ave
Syracuse Plaza 4333 S Syracuse St
Tattered Cover Bookstore 1628 16th St
Tivoli Student Union 900 Auraria Pkwy
Trinity Lutheran Church 4225 W Yale Ave
University Park Methodist 2180 S University Blvd
Washington Park Recreation Center 701 S Franklin St
Wellington Webb Building 201 W Colfax Ave
Westerly Creek Elementary 8800 E. 28th Ave
Windsor Gardens-auditorium 597 S Clinton St

There weather will be fine. You have a right, by law, to skip work and go vote. There are more than 1,400 voting machines. The lines won't actually be all that bad. Bring you driver's license or state ID.

Did you skip the newspapers and blogs? Do you now feel uninformed? Do you trust me? Here's your cheat sheet:

CANDIDATES: Vote for Democrats.
JUDGES: Vote to retain them all.
E (Tax Breaks For Totally Disabled Vets): Yes.
F (Take Recall Election Deadlines Out Of Constitution): Yes.
G (Obsolete Constitutional Provisions): Yes.
H (Tax Deductions For Illegal Immigrant Compensation): No.
I (Domestic Partnerships): Yes.
J (65% On Instruction Broadly Defined): No.
K (Bring Frivilous Lawsuit v. Feds): No.
Amendment 38 (More Ballot Issues): No.
Amendment 39 (65% On Instruction Narrowly Defined): No
Amendment 40 (Judicial Term Limits): No.
Amendment 41 (Government Ethics): No.
Amendment 42 (Minimum Wage in Constitution): Yes.
Amendment 43 (Marriage in Constitution): No.
Amendment 44 (Legalize Pot): Yes.
1A (Sales Tax For Pre-School): Yes.
1B (CFO For Denver): Yes.

The ballot issues that matter most are Yes on I, No on 39, No on 40, and No on 43. Trust me on those, at least.

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Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Note: Not every trial judge outside of Denver deserves to be retained.