29 May 2007

Capitol Hill Coffee

The Renegade Crafters have helpfully informed us that Diedrich's Coffee at 9th and Downing Street in Denver's Capitol Hill, a gay institution in the city, has reaffilated as a DazBog Coffee, in that wake of nefarious industry consolidation, and that Safeway's receipts are annoying long. Meanwhile, Eric Goldman reminds us that Microsoft sometimes wipes other companies' software from your hard drive without even asking you about it.

Obviously, not all change is good.

Also, because it looks like I may not get a chance to do so properly, I'll note that Non-Prophet has blogged an article in the Economist on the marriage divide which is much better in terms of raw data than the AP story I recently blogged about the same study. Nutshell: Increasingly, over the last couple of decades, college educated people don't have kids out of wedlock and stay married, everyone else, increasingly does have kids out of wedlock and doesn't stay married.

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