04 May 2007

Screen Death

My laptop's screen has been going into all sorts of weird color schemes in the past couple of days. Initially, I suspected that I had hit the wrong software setting. But, when slapping the screen from behind seems to resolve the problem and I can't find any settings that resolve it, I'm leaning towards a hardware problem.

Any computer experts out there have an opinion?


Anonymous said...

Some Apple laptops have a motion sensor that can be hacked to neat effect (google "slapbook"). Otherwise, I have to agree that a screen that changes when you slap it indicates a hardware problem.

If the problem is easily reproduceable, you might try one thing before calling for warranty service: attach the laptop to an external monitor. Testing this ahead of time will be one less excuse a phone technician will have to get you off the line.

Also, if you have any valuable data on the computer, make sure you have a good backup. Repairing the computer (I assume the system is still under warranty) probably involves mailing it to a repair center or getting a new computer, either of which puts your data at risk.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Thanks. Good plan.