15 May 2007

Big Bombs in Iraq

[O]ne of the central battles in this summer of "the surge" is shaping up in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad. . . .

A single infantry company in Diyala lost five Strykers this month in less than a week . . . In one of the biggest hits, six American Soldiers and a journalist were killed when a huge bomb exploded beneath their Stryker on May 6. It was the biggest one-day loss for the battalion in more than two years. . . .

[M]any of larger bombs being encountered lately, including the much-feared and much-hyped explosively formed penetrators (EFPs), threaten not only Strykers but Bradleys and Abrams tanks, as well.

From here.

A war can't be won with technology alone.

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Sotosoroto said...

Oh, I don't know. A few nukes would end the war fairly quick.