21 May 2007

Zeus Smites Jesus

Yesterday, at the Mt. Cabrini shrine in Golden, Colorado,

a bolt of lightning shot out of the sky and struck their 33-foot statue of Jesus.

The lightning bolt broke off one of Jesus' arms and a hand and damaged one of his feet, sending marble plummeting to the ground during a Saturday afternoon storm.

Poetic justice? Probably not, but good stuff for the watercooler.

This is not the first lightning strike and religion story (consider, for example, here).


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the title. I rarely watch Denver news, but I happened to see part of a report where someone regarded the lightning strike as a miracle because it only knocked off the arms and a foot. Whatever. I've never walked up to it myself, but to me it seem obvious that if you build a statue on a mountain in Colorado, it will eventually get struck by lightning.