02 May 2007

Denver Neighborhoods Ranked By Property Values


Property Value Rank (2007) -- total price, not per square foot

1. Bow Mar $649,411
2. Washington Park $533,559
3. Cherry Creek $486,792
4. Congress Park
5. Union Station
6. Washington Park West
7. Cory-Merrill
8. Platt Park
9. City Park
10. Montclaire
11. North Park Hill $294,427
12. Alamo Placita
13. West Highland
14. University
15. Goldsmith
16. Sloan's Lake
17. Speer
18. City Park West
19. Cheeseman Park
20. Hampden
21. Berkely
22. Virginia Village $242,735
23. LoDo
24. North Capitol Hill
25. Harvey Park South
26. Uptown
27. Regis
28. Civic Center
29. Central Business District
30. West Colfax
31. Washington Virginia Vale
32. Harvey Park $175,923
33. Capitol Hill
34. Overland
34. College Valley
35. College View
36. East Colfax
37. South Federal
38. Mar Lee
39. Ruby Hill
40. Indian Creek
41. Montbello $145,846
42. Athmar Park $144,928
43. Hampden South $96,579

Source: Zillow.com via the Denver Post.


Dave Burrell said...

I've always been a fan of Zillow, but those numbers are rather seriously off base.

Not only is Bow Mar not in Denver (it's in Littleton), but Country Club, Hilltop, and Belcare don't even crack your Top 43.

Here are numbers from the Assessor's database of average home values:

CNTRY CL $678,142.04
HILLTOP $610,922.90
BELCARO $587,961.74
CHERY CR $522,741.86
WASH PK $424,622.04
WELLSHIR $387,036.28
SO PK HL $387,002.20
CITY PK $359,682.77
CHSMN PK $355,168.01
CONGR PK $344,283.87
HALE $342,005.55
CORY MER $321,726.69
WAS PK W $299,188.20
STHMR PK $283,989.33
WA VI VA $282,271.70
VIRG VIL $277,364.20
PLATT PK $274,013.68
BEAR VAL $267,982.51
MONTCLAI $267,604.17
HAMPDEN $267,590.39
FT LOGAN $263,413.40
ROSEDALE $258,209.06
GOLDSMIT $257,460.40
W HIGHLN $248,765.41

Looks like Zillow may have to go back to the drawing board on these valuations...

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Goes to show that Seattle may not be the best source of data. But, more is always better. Thanks for the added info.

Anonymous said...

www.cohomefinder.com has some great ways to research property values in Denver. They slice and dice mls listing data more ways than I could ever dream up, making for fun browsing of homes for sale.

Denver neighborhoods:

Denver condo complexes:

Denver zip codes:

Denver elementary schools:

Denver middle schools:

Denver high schools:

This is really cool, Denver homes by the year they were built:

From each of these you can click through to see current listings, like these in Wash Park:

Fun stuff!

I don't trust Zillow for property values either, but as an investor it's the best way to get a rough idea of values. Just a place to start from...

Anonymous said...

For those that like to analyze as much data as possible, AutomatedHomefinder.com is another source for Denver research:
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