30 May 2007

School Is Out

At least at my children's school (Denver Public Schools have several calendars with some schools on a year round basis and others on a more traditional school year), the 2006-2007 school year is over, and summer vacation has begun.

Steele Elementary is looking forward to a new principal, and at least three new teachers in the coming year. At least a couple of the new faces are known quantities, having previously worked at the school in different capacities. General assignments to British Primary or Contemporary programs at the school for returning students have been made on a tenatative basis, but we won't know until the eve of the new school year in August precisely which teacher each child has been assigned to for the coming year, in part because the hiring process for new teachers is not yet complete.

Now, we begin a whirlwind of camps, lessons, visits with relatives, birthday parties, and trips to Denver's cultural landmarks.

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