12 July 2007

In Praise of Complete Computing

One of my mottos is that people hire lawyers to do impossible things (actually, things that are impossible to accomplish without a lawyer). But, we're not the only profession in the Mission Impossible business.

Today, I write to praise my office's outsourced computer guru Complete Computing whose principal is Peggy Pitchford. Her latest campaign to bring order to an unruly cyber universe has been a great success accomplished with dogged determination, in the face of deliberate indifference from megacorporations like Hewlett Packard, mysterious error messages, and limited hardware and financial resources.

Among other things, she has solved a problem of seemingly endless error messages in my Internet connections when scripts arose, that had eluded me despite countless hours spent trying to track down their source, with the result that my laptop is now far more functional.

She's got a heavy load of clients, but she, and her associates, are worth it.

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