19 July 2007

TSA=Too Stupid Agency

The TSA is not a paragon of good decision making.

The most recent situation: an eight year old boy prevented from flying because he was on the "no fly" list. Sadly, this is all too common. Also, while the TSA is good at seizing water, it is less good at finding bombs. For example: "In Red Team testing at Denver earlier this year, screeners missed 90% of fake guns and explosives smuggled through checkpoints."

The problems probably have something to do with the fact that this huge government agency (about 60,000 employees the last time I checked) was created by an administration that doesn't believe in government and hence doesn't understand public administration. They don't understand terrorism very well either, which is why they invented the "war on terrorism" concept.

BTW, they also don't really understand the gender equality concept.

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Anonymous said...

I loved that last link - she had the perfect response to the TSA's stupidity.

Apparently, a charging unit, for some bizarre reason, is now a big, scary bomb. I've built a couple of these myself, so I was cringing while laughing at that story.