03 July 2007

Tax Collection Due Process Illusory

In theory, there has been a right to "Collection Due Process" when the IRS collects taxes since 2000. In reality, out of 15,000,000 collections and about 3,000 contested cases, only 16 taxpayers have prevailed. The analysis also makes a deeper point:

Some commentators contend there can be no proper “rule of law” without adversarial process. This study proves the opposite claim: adversarial process, used in the wrong place and the wrong time, becomes a rule of deception rather than a rule of law.


Dave Barnes said...


I find this tiny little popup window for comments to very annoying.

It forces me REMEMBER my Google name/password. It does not allow me to paste it in using 1passwd.

I have 25 pages of passwords in a Word doc and can not remember all of them.

Other Blogspot websites do not use such tiny little popup windows.


Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

I don't like it either. But, new blogger, generally is slightly less intolerable than old blogger.