09 July 2007

Mr. Trademark Abuse

Leo Stoller is the poster child for trademark abuse. Most recently, he received a rebuke in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a decision so lacking in traditional judicial opinion style that it is tolerable only because Stoller's conduct is so egregious and needs to be stopped.

The bigger problem, of course, is how he managed to get so many frivilous trademark applications past the patent and trademark office. These need to be cancelled not piecemeal, but en masse, and accompanying by criminal prosecutions for filing false trademark applications.

Notice: The title of this post "Mr. Trademark Abuse", should in no way be confused with the firm "Mr. Trademark® Inc." which has no relation to Mr. Stoller, according to its representative Joe Strahl VP. Of course, if you had a brain, you would have realized that simply from the context of the post, but I'm putting it here for anyone too thick headed to understand that point on July 16, 2007 in response to a cease and desist e-mail I received today when I opened my work e-mail this morning. (A further response is here.)

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Follow up on what prompted the disclaimer can be found here.