02 May 2008

The 25 Witness DUI Case

Many cases require a large number of witnesses. Usually, DUI cases are not among them.

I can't imagine what the 25 anticipated defense witnesses in the DUI case of Routt County, Colorado (Steamboat Springs) Sheriff Gary Wall (alas, a Democrat) will be testifying to in his upcoming trial. This is, after all, essentially a strict liability offense. The only real issues are: "was he driving" which presumably will be uncontested), and "was he drunk"? The one possibility I could imagine that could justify so much testimony would be a case challenging the credibility of the arresting officer (something a Sheriff would be in a good position to be aware of compared to other DUI defendants).

One thing seems sure. Wall seems certain to be either recalled or denied re-election (unless Steamboat Democrats are suicidal). Primary challengers have almost two years to announce, but a recall petition could speed up the process considerably.

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