16 May 2008

FAC: Go Kate!

Human beings aren't rational. I am a human being. Maybe this explains why I care, surprisingly strongly about the fate of Kate Middleton, the long time significant other of Prince William, who is second in line to the British throne.

From multiple news accounts, Kate seems like a nice gal and a positive influence on Prince William. So I, like millions of other much more hardcore Anglophiles and royalists, sincerely hope that that their long and relatively stable relationship (the linked article notes that they appears to be on good terms and accepted by the royal family at the moment) works out.

In truth, the royal family is irrelevant, I have no serious connection with United Kingdom or any other part of the British Commonwealth, and I've never met anyone who knows anyone who knows any member of the royal family personally. So, I really shouldn't care. But, living in a media age it is hard not to know about certain celebrities, and if you know about them, it is hard not to have the kind of normal human feelings you have for anyone whom you know, even a little.

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J said...

ITA ^^ I care too.