09 May 2008

Friday Fun

Check out Non-Prophet in the sidebar, who continues to chronicle the growing popularity of Steampunk and has a heads up on an interesting art show in Denver this weekend.

Also, for your FAC pleasure, here are links to seven fun, well done, webcomics:

* The Phoenix Requiem, a mysterious Englishman comes out of a coma at the hands of a female doctor-in-training in a country something like 19th century Russia where the world of magic seems to be returning.

* The Zombie Hunters, an awkward, half-wild, orphaned girl who is a second class citizen in a zombie infested future learns the lonely responsibilities of leadership.

* Marry Me, on a whim, a socially responsible rock star marries a guy holding a "marry me" sign at her concert while its true owner takes a pee, and discovers it's a perfect match.

* The Dreamer, by day, she's a typical bright small town high school girl; asleep, she's the love interest of a doomed American revolutionary war hero in a dream that might be real.

* Red String, a web of high school romances in Japan centered around one girl's arranged engagement to the perfect man for her.

* Simply Sarah, a lesbian girl's sweet coming out story in modern England.

* Freak Angels, a commune of well meaning psychic twenty-one year olds preside over a post-apocalyptic London that they brought about with their powers.

All seven are more like serialized novels than the Sunday comics. If you're starting a new one, you should hit the archives button and start at the beginning, as plot and character development are what make them worth reading (in addition to the sometimes exquisite art). They won't make much sense if you start in the middle. Red String also offers a podcast radio show version of the first few chapters.

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