12 May 2008

Wash Park Prophet Goes Hebrew

A Hebrew language site discusses a recent post at this blog. I have no idea what it says and there are few, if any, free automated online Hebrew-English translation services. Help from anyone who can explain the gist of the commentary/website "come from" in the comments to this post would be welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I'm the one who wrote the Hebrew post relating to your post.

I enjoyed reading what you wrote and thought that it made sense in the context of Israeli urban planning as well (my blog deals generally with issues relating to the city of Tel-Aviv).

I especially liked what you wrote on the problems related to municipal govenments whose members are invisible to the general public and the voting rates are generally low.

The comments were about how wide should the planning role be in the urban process, mainly discussing the housing issue (Tel-Aviv center is becoming very expansive pushing out middle-class people).

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Thank you so much. Best wishes! Tel-Aviv is at a facsinating stage right now.