08 October 2010

Final 2010 Colorado Voter Registration Statistics

The end of September voter registration figures for Colorado pretty much determine who will be allowed to vote in this election. The number of active registered voters in the state of each party at the end of September, 2010 was as follows:

Republicans 862,575
Democrats 799,981
Unaffiliated 757,935
Libertarian 9,904
Green 4,838
American Constitution 2,328
Unity Party 211

In Colorado's hotly contested 4th Congressional District the active registered voter figures are:

Republicans 139,754
Democrats 96,529
Unaffiliated 115,950
Libertarian 1,312
Green 662
American Constitution 395
Unity Party 22

Turnout tends to favor Republicans over Democrats, particularly in off year elections, although with active registered voters, this effect isn't quite as strong as it is compared to all registered voters.

After considering turnout, the issue in most races is the share of unaffiliated voters that are necessary to win.

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