05 October 2010

Grad Student Wins Nobel Prize In Physics

The 2010 physics Nobel prize has been awarded to Andre Geim (UK) and Konstantin Novoselov (UK) for their groundbreaking 2004 experimental discovery of graphene. . . . If you think that Geim looks very young, then notice that Novoselov is his graduate student.

From here.

Novoselov's quest to land a decent tenure track position probably just got a lot easier. But, he may have to get a more respectable press photo now.


Luboš Motl said...

I should have used a different tense. He *was* a grad student when he made the discovery in 2004. Now he's faculty, of course.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

He probably doesn't have tenure yet. And, anyway, winning for something you did while a graduate student is sitll pretty impressive.

Dave Barnes said...

Hopefully he will reduce the length of his CV.
I mean, after you read "Nobel" do you have to read any further?