08 June 2011

Bank of America Still Stupid

It takes a really poorly run bank to first foreclose on a property that has on that has no mortgage, and then to ignore a judgment entered against it from the same lawsuit until the sheriff's deputies are on its door. Alas, this is one of the half dozen largest banks in the United States, and probably the world.

Bank of America mistakenly filed a foreclosure claim against [Warren and Maureen Nyerges] even though they had no mortgage at all. The couple fought the case in court and won, but then asked Bank of America to pay for $2,534 in attorney fees. A Collier County judge ruled the bank should pay, but the bank never did.

On Friday, the couple's lawyer went to a Bank of America branch with two sheriff's deputies. He was prepared to take possession of furniture inside the bank to pay the debt.

One hour later, the bank wrote a check for $5,772.88 to satisfy the original debt plus other fees.

From here.

In truth, the consequences for the Bank of America in this Florida case were probably entirely too lenient.

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