07 June 2011

Last Day To Vote In Denver's Municipal Runoff Election

Ballots must be received today by 7 p.m. Mountain Daylight Savings Time in Denver's Municipal Runoff Election to be counted. Drop off locations can be found here. Through Saturday, 84,655 ballots had been validly cast, and 193,736 ballots were still unreturned (1,636 ballots were rejected as invalid and 20,026 were returned as undeliverable). Of the ballots outstanding 69,764 were sent to voters whose registration were deemed inactive for failing to vote in the past. Those turnout figures exclude Monday and today's returns.

About half of the voters receiving ballots were Democrats, about a sixth were Republicans, about 1% were registered with third parties and the rest were unaffilated.

The turnout so far in the runoff election is well above turnout in the first round at this point in the election. In the first round of voting in Denver in this year's municipal election, 113,845 ballots were validly cast, including 47,483 on the last Monday and Tuesday. Thus, prior to the last two days, only 66,362 ballots had been validly cast in the first round.

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Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Update: 12,167 more valid ballots were returned on Monday.