08 June 2011

Denver Daily News Done

While the demise of the Rocky Mountain News wiped out most of the competition with the Denver Post, Denver still had one competing daily paper - the free Denver Daily News, which had been in business for a decade. But, the rising cost of newsprint put it out of business, truly leaving Denver with only a single daily newspaper in print. There is little doubt that this is not good news for Denver.

It also doesn't help that the strongest television news outlet in the market, 9 News, has a partnership with the Denver Post, and the publisher of the Denver Post also owns many of Colorado's other leading daily papers. Since the Rocky's demise, the Denver Post has had no pressure to keep its subscription prices low and the product itself has gotten thinner and thinner. The lack of competition also makes the potential for suppression of stories from big ticket media must greater.

Yes, there are still a number of Denver based weekly and monthly periodicals in the market (although one of those just went under recently as well), at least a few of which do original reporting of "hard" news, and yes, there are a number of Denver based internet and television media sources, although only a handful provide much in the way of original news reporting. Colorado Public Radio has emerged as the most robust source of original daily local news reporting that is independent of the Denver Post.


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