05 November 2013

2013 Denver and Statewide Colorado Election Results

In early results from the 2013 election in Denver and statewide in Colorado, the slate of four reformers running for school board is sweeping the seats relative to four teacher's union backed candidates and one candidate for school board at large affiliated with neither slate of candidates. Prior to the election, reform and anti-reform slates were evenly balanced on the school board.

Denver voters have backed all city ballot issues 2A (a retail marijuana tax), and 2B, 2C and 2D (housekeeping good government charter amendments).

Statewide, issue AA imposing taxes on retail marijuana is headed towards passage, while issue 66, increasing taxes to pay for schools is currently headed to defeat.

The results on the Denver races and on issues AA and 66 are likely to hold throughout the night.  In Denver, issue 66 is almost exactly 50-50 in support in early returns, and tax issues for education almost always need strong support in liberal urban centers like Denver and Boulder to overcome anti-tax sentiment in more conservative parts of Colorado.

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