04 November 2013

Most Prosecuted Crimes Committed By Criminals

From the Bureau of Justice Statistics:
In the nation's 75 largest counties, an estimated 58,100 defendants were charged with a felony offense in 2006.
* More than three-quarters of felony defendants had a prior arrest history, with 69% having multiple prior arrests.
* Fifty-eight percent of felony defendants in the nation's 75 largest counties were released prior to adjudication and about a third of the released defendants committed some form of pretrial misconduct.
* About two-thirds of felony defendants were eventually convicted and more than 95% of these convictions occurred through a guilty plea. . . . Of the defendants who had state felony charges filed against them in the nation's 75 largest counties during May 2006—
An estimated 58% were released by the state court prior to the disposition of their case. Forty-two percent were detained until case disposition, including 5% of felony defendants who were denied bail. . . .
Less than half of defendants with an active criminal justice status, such as parole (14%) or probation (34%), were released, compared to 65% of those with no active status.
About a third of released defendants were either rearrested for a new offense, failed to appear in court as scheduled, or committed some other violation that resulted in the revocation of their pretrial release. . . .
An estimated 18% of all released defendants were rearrested while awaiting disposition of their case. About two-thirds of these new arrests were for a felony.

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