04 November 2013

Norwood, Colorado Rape Scandal Update

A comment on my earlier post on public acceptance of hazing rape in Norwood, Colorado deserved a more prominent posting, that illustrates that this was not an isolated incident and that much of the community was complicit.  The poster doesn't say when it happened, but if the statute of limitations has expired, those involved deserve to be prosecuted.

Anonymous said...
I skipped a grade and was small for my age. When I was 12 years old I spent one week on the Norwood wrestling team. After everyone had left after practice one day I was grabbed by eight senior boys in the locker room. They pinned me down on the ground then stripped me completely naked. After they tied my hands behind my back they took at least a dozen pictures of me and told me they would pin them up in the boy's AND girl's bathrooms if I told on them. The laid me down in a trough-style urinal, plugged the drain with toilet paper, then took turns urinating on me until the urinal was almost full. When they were done they ordered me to perform oral sex on them. Because I refused they kept me naked in the locker room over the weekend and charged children aged 6 to 18 money to look at my penis up close. They charged boys a dollar and girls two dollars. On Sunday they put my underwear back on, took my glasses off, then told boys they could pull down my underwear and look at me for free if they peed in my face first. There were at least forty boys who took them up on the offer. I had to attend that school for the rest of the year, knowing that most of the people who passed me in the halls everyday had seen me naked and humiliated. That school AND town are much more evil than not.

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